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Smart Communication Platform

This national award winning platform is cloud-based and can do a push or pull (information dissemination and gathering) voice-based mass communication with people via their mobile phones.

The 4 current tools in this Platform:

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Smart Broadcast

    With a single phone call, you will actually connect to hundreds of people and deliver your voice message.

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Automated Telephony Survey

    To conduct automated rapid telephone surveys, and in instantly display results on the dashboard for analysis

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    Chatbots can automate communication with your target audience or clients.
    Chat with Awa, our Elite Multi-topic WhatsApp Chatbot

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Smart Call
  1. This AI powered virtual call centre can interacts with the callers to route or process incoming calls accordingly.

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Team of Experts

With our great team of experts, you can be assured of quality and impactful cutting edge solutions. We are a team of dynamic and skillful solutionist.

Cutting-edge Innovations

Our award winning solutions are the most advance tools in communication. What people are planning to build in the future, is exactly what we built for you today.

Registered company

We are a registered ICT company, with the aim of deploying state of the art solutions for our clients. We have enough credibility to win your trust.

Free Trial

Most of our solutions are so innovative and hard to believe, that we allow our potential customers to test before subscribing for the service.

Verified security

Our solutions are built with security in mind. Our certified Cybersecurity team consider security from the onset of software development.

Business Growth

Our award winning solutions are not just tailored to solve your business problems, but to also help you cut cost and thus maximize productivity growth.

We are highly skilled in developing innovative telephony applications and AI, to help businesses save cost and thus maximize productivity growth. The growth of your business is our priority.

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